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Adult Dog Training in Derbyshire

Training your adult dog should be something you do, not something you did…

The first two years of a dog’s life is when most people actively attend Adult Dog Training classes. Adult Dog Training is important for all dogs, many need regular mental stimulation and it is now thought that 15mins brain training has the same effect as 1hr physical exercise – how good is that for tiring them out when you can’t fit in a walk? In the past, we believed that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, well tell that to Romeo – at 12 years old I taught him to weave between my legs!

After Puppy Training classes, many people are unsure of what to do next with their Adult dog, there are so many options – Agility, Rally, Hoopers, Scentwork, and Tri Ball, the list is endless. Some breeds need daily stimulation, especially the working breeds and this is often hard to fit into daily life when you work full time or are raising a family. Adult Dog Training classes enable you to schedule aside some “quality time with your dog” away from the usual distractions of daily life. One attendee told me my classes were the only time their child’s interest was drawn away from their ipad!

Bronze Obedience Class

I currently offer a Bronze Obedience class at Hilton Village Hall. This is an Adult Dog Training obedience-based class that runs for 8 weeks. This is a class for dogs that have completed Puppy Training Classes; those have basic skills or those who are absolute beginners to Adult Dog Training. It’s also popular with owners who haven’t had a new dog for many years and want to refresh their own training skills.

Bronze Obedience Class is suitable for dogs over 20 weeks of age and runs on Monday evenings at Hilton Village Hall.

Whilst the syllabus is set around loose lead walking, impulse control, good manners and tricks, I tailor each course to the individual attendees present and their individual dog training aims. The classes are small (up to 7 dogs) and I always aim to offer a friendly, supportive environment. The owners tend to end up forming good friendships whilst bonding over common training needs. I often see groups setting up their own “after class” play sessions on the park. It’s great to see!

Details of the next starting date for Bronze Obedience is available through our Facebook page. Alternatively, you can contact me directly via the contact page.


Dogschool currently runs on a Saturday morning at Hilton Village Hall. Over the last year, I have included a lot of skills and activities at Dogschool – scent work, impulse control, IMDT Partnership awards, trick training, boundary training, silent, visual and clicker training as well as brushing up on everyday skills in an Adult Dog Training group environment.

I currently have 6 – 8 dogs in a class, with attendees rotating over several 6-week runs. This is a very popular class so I try my best to ensure new dogs are able to join periodically when “regulars” have holidays or want to take a break.

If you would like to find out more about Dogschool, please contact me through the contact page.

Dogs in each class

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Dogs Trained

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“The dog training classes are small so that everyone gets the attention they need whilst feeling relaxed and informal. Louise uses only positive training methods based on reward and my dog Ted responds brilliantly to this. I would highly recommend Louise as a dog trainer – her methods are effective whilst being kind and creating a positive bond with your dog.”



“Dogschool is amazing! My dog Tess is one of those who can work well but often chooses not to, yet at Dogschool she maintained focus nearly all the time and learned lots! The class is friendly and lots of fun, all are made to feel very welcome, whatever level their dog is at. Tess and I can’t wait for the next sessions to start.”


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Puppy Training

Puppies are funny, silly and crazy… but so much fun. The positive energy during my Puppy Training in Derbyshire classes should be bottled up and made available on the NHS. They embrace every moment...

Adult Dog Training

The first two years of a dog’s life is when most people actively attend Adult Dog Training classes. Adult Dog Training is important for all dogs, many need regular mental stimulation…


One to One Dog Training Classes

Sometimes, a more personal and focused approach is needed. There are a lot of dogs out there that just need a little help but for whom adult dog training or puppy training classes may not be suitable.



(NEW) Dog Training Classes in Lichfield

I now have Puppy and Dog Training classes available in Lichfield, Staffordshire and I only use positive, kind and effective dog training methods to help you train your dog.




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